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When A River Boat Tour Is A Better Option Than An Ocean Cruise

Posted by Arthur Cook on Jan 27, 2017

It is easy to brag up the benefits of river boat tours. Guests enjoy amazing service, beautiful sights, and the best possible food and entertainment during their stay. River tours give people the chance to visit numerous cities along the way and to see many popular areas from a completely different perspective. Comparing river cruises against an ocean cruise is more difficult because there is much to enjoy when crossing the ocean on a luxury liner. However, there are some instances when certain travelers will discover that a river cruise is much more suited to them. Lowers the risk of experiencing motion sickness.  There is no way to entirely eliminate motion sickness when in a moving vehicle of any type. A river boat is not motionless, and those passengers that are very sensitive to movement may discover they still need help with their queasiness during the journey. However, some people may discover that a river cruise is much easier for them to handle. The main reason is because rivers do not have the size or frequency of waves as the ocean. A river cruise will likely be acceptable to anyone that is able to ride comfortably in cars, buses, and trains. Reduces discomfort for people that dislike large crowds.  Ocean cruises often include over 1,000-2,000 people onboard at any given time. The ships have plenty of room for everyone to move around, but the lines to get on and off the ship may seem overwhelming to some.  Dining rooms...

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3 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Moorage Services

Posted by Arthur Cook on Jul 27, 2016

One of the best resources at your disposal if you own a boat is a moorage service, mostly because of the many ways in which they can help you care for your boat and the amenities that they can provide for you and your passengers. Listed below are three reasons to take advantage of moorage services. Security One of the biggest reasons to consider using a moorage service is that they can provide you with a very secure place to keep you boat when you are not using it. For example, if you were planning on simply leaving your boat in your driveway for the winter, you can have it hauled out of the water and placed in dry storage with a moorage service instead. This is much safer for your boat as the moorage service will have a fenced-in storage area with around-the-clock surveillance.  In addition, the moorage service can also protect your boat from the elements while it is docked or in storage. This is possible because of the covered docking options that they can offer.  Shuttle Service Another reason to utilize a moorage service is that it will often offer its customers access to a shuttle service to take you into town whenever you dock. This is a great benefit because it makes it much easier for you and your family to get the supplies that you need to restock your boat for a long trip or to simply visit the local businesses and restaurants while...

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Tricks For Making Your Hotel Stay More Enjoyable

Posted by Arthur Cook on Jul 14, 2016

Oftentimes, the hotel is simply a means to an end. It is a place to sleep until you can get to the activities that you enjoy. However, it is possible to make the hotel stay itself very special by using several methods to make the hotel room more enjoyable.   Find Out If You Can Pick Your Room Find out if you can pick your own room. Many hotels will often hand the keys to you, but you may be able to pick a room that has a better view or that is more convenient. Keep Your Room Clean When you are in a hotel, you may be tempted to be lazy with the cleanliness of your stay at the hotel. However, doing so can be a mistake. The less tidy you are in your hotel room, the less enjoyable the stay. The hotel room can become cluttered relatively quickly. The messiness will probably make you feel more irritable and it will be harder to enjoy your vacation. Choose The Largest Room Possible You should try to choose the largest room that is available. Choosing a small room will drive you crazy because small rooms seem to shrink more each night, especially as you accumulate more belongings over time. While you will likely not be spending a lot of time in the room, it is nice to have a place to come back to that you are actually looking forward to. Look At Pictures Of The Room Before Staying...

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Top 4 Things To Do While On Vacation In Puerto Vallarta

Posted by Arthur Cook on Jul 12, 2016

If you’re heading to Mexico, and are staying in Puerto Vallarta, then you should make a list of must see attractions and can’t miss excursions. There is so much to do that you can be overwhelmed, so this list was created with the aim to help you pick four really fun activities for your time  in Puerto Vallarta. Here they are. Walk The Malecon The Malecon a popular boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta.. It is a great place to walk during the day and see lots of street performers. There are singers, dancers, jugglers, and lots of other entertainers. You will also find lots of bars and restaurants. There are games as well for those who are traveling with children. You also get an amazing view of the beach and the sea. At night, the area is lively due to the numerous nightclubs and live music venous. The Malecon runs for around 11 blocks and is located in the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta. Zip Lining Over The Jungle This trip is a definite for thrill seekers. Most people associate Puerto Vallarta with ocean waves and the beach, but there is also a beautiful jungle to explore. The Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains are near Puerto Vallarta, and there are many tour companies that run zip line adventures there. You can be picked up in town and the company will drive you out and up into the mountains. You then ascended a large tree and travel via zip line from one...

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Considering International Adoption: Why Ukraine Should Be On Your Radar

Posted by Arthur Cook on Jun 13, 2016

If you’re considering international adoption, you might be looking in the more common adoption areas like China, Korea, or Africa. However, Eastern European countries are also struggling to find placement for thousands of orphaned children. In your adoption search, there are many reasons why you should consider adopting a child from Ukraine. Here’s what you need to know about providing a home for a child in need and what you need to get started.  The need is great. Ukraine has been the site for great civil and political unrest in the past few years as they have been in a tense conflict with their Russian neighbors. Orphanages are stretched to capacity as they struggle to care for more than 95,000 orphans across the country, with more and more parents struggling to care for their children as their lives become uprooted. Children in Ukrainian orphanages also face futures that are brim with terrifying possibilities, including being sold into sex trafficking or being used for child labor.  While many adoptive families hope for a baby, the truth is that older children have been displaced by conflict and are in need of loving care and homes. Groups of siblings who have lost parents or have been abandoned also need attention. Also, as usual, those with special needs are high in potential adoptees, because they need care that impoverished parents are unable to provide.  What does it take to adopt a child? If you’ve decided to adopt a child from Ukraine, you will need to:...

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The Benefits Of Teaching Toddlers Sign Language Before Spoken Language

Posted by Arthur Cook on May 19, 2016

Many parents today are teaching their children sign language before they are able to start verbalizing. Toddlers are able to pick up sign language quite quickly, and there are special types of simplified sign language designed specifically for infants and young children. Here are a few of the major advantages to teaching children sign language. Sign Language Is Natural to Children Children naturally attempt to make gestures before they begin to speak. A child that wants to be picked up may not be able to say the word “up” but will be able to hold their hands up. Children understand communication much earlier than they develop the ability to actually speak it. Because the fine motor control necessary for general gestures develops before the ability to reliably control the tongue and lips, children can communicate via gesture far earlier than by sound.  Sign Language Gives Children An Outlet Even infants know that they have certain needs, but it may be impossible for them to convey these needs. This can be very frustrating for the child as well as the parent. Rather than having to cry, pre-verbal infants are able to gesture that they are hungry, wish to be held, or want to play. This gives the child and outlet in which to communicate and also makes the parent feel more secure and certain in what they are doing. Sign Language Remains Useful After Speech Even after a child becomes verbal, gestures can be an important part of their language. Body language...

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